Award-Winning GlowBeanies

GlowBeanie is happy and proud to announce that The Southern Voice has chosen to award us with their Business Recommendation Award for Crafter of the Year 2016!
It is truly rewarding to see that our accessories are appreciated and considered not only a ‘fantastically fun fashion statement’, but also useful and practical. Such appraisals represent an additional reason and incentive to continue our work and channel our creativity towards crafting unique items for our customers!
We are very grateful for the received distinction and invite you to read The Southern Voice’s full press release below:
Award-winning GlowBeanies 
When it comes to accessories such as beanie hats, wrist warmers and scarves, there’s nothing more special than handmade. Not only can you rest assured that each item has been carefully and individually crafted, but that each item is also bespoke.  
GlowBeanie is home to unique, handmade beanie hats and accessories, all of which really do glow! Knitted with a special yarn with a reflective thread, all GlowBeanie accessories reflect light. Not only a fantastically fun fashion statement, these glow-in-the-dark accessories are also ideal for ensuring the wearer remains visible, a particularly useful accessory for increasing road safety. 
It is for Jane’s innate creativity, her contemporary, fashionable designs and the unique nature of the reflective GlowBeanies that we at the Southern Voice have chosen to award her with our Business Recommendation Award for Crafter of the Year 2016. 
For more information or to purchase your very own GlowBeanie, please visit, email [email protected] or call 07818 684338.
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