Say Hello to our Charity Collection – NEW for 2020

GlowBeanie have developed and launched a new collection for 2020 – the Charity Collection. For each beanie sold from this collection GlowBeanie will donate £5 to the relevant charity. At the moment we have a Dementia Glowbeanie and a Pride GlowBeanie, with potentially more to follow.

The Dementia GlowBeanie is made of five different colours, representing the different lobes in the brain. This is on behalf of Andrew Wright, a friend’s brother, who has early onset Alzheimers and is part of a study by Cambridge University that is examining its link with Downs Syndrome.

The Pride GlowBeanie is made up of six colours, representing the Pride flag. Available in set colours and the usual sizes.
Dementia Glowbeanie
Pride GlowBeanie